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Wooden Ouija Talking Board
by Vampirahna

This is without question the finest wooden Pagan/Wiccan/Goddess divination board ever made.

The SPIRIT BOARD features the triquetra, which is a powerful ancient symbol representing many forms of trinities. In Wicca, it symbolizes "the power of three" in the form of the threefold nature of the Goddess as virgin, mother, and crone. It can also represent life, death, and rebirth or the three natural forces of earth, air, and water.


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Not only is it the finest wiccan board, but it is also one of the finest traditional-style Ouija boards ever made. The Museum of Talking Boards has described our first board, The MYSTIC TIKI as "the nicest wood board we have ever seen, and we've seen quite a few". The spirit board is made to the same high standards. It was created by artist Vampirahna, in cooperation with The Zenrad Manufacting Company, to resurrect the form and spirit of talking boards from the ouija heyday of the early 20th century. Unlike the lithographed paper or computer-generated boards commonly available today, this board should endure and still be highly sought-after into the next century.


The SPIRIT BOARD is produced by hand in small quantities by skilled craftsmen. The SPIRIT BOARD is one of the only talking boards in the world still being made using methods close to those used by William Fuld. Great care and attention has been given to every detail of this full-sized (15" x 22" x 1/4") talking board. The time, effort, skill, and material costs of this board are without doubt greater than any other current or antique talking board.


The warm, irridescent glow is the result of a labour-intensive, multi-layer, hand-rubbed lacquer finish that sets off the natural beauty of the fine birch veneers.


Please note that this board is NOT simply a design printed by a computer and stuck onto a piece of wood. The graphics on this board are printed directly onto the board's surface and protected by a top coat of lacquer. What you see is the wood's natural grain, the ink, and the finish. There are NO decals of any kind upon the board.


The planchette has been crafted to the same high standard and is a perfect complement to the board. With its own triquetra graphics and custom-turned wooden feet, it is a work of art in itself with a look and feel not seen for over 60 years.


Soft felt pads on the feet, combined with the board's wonderfully smooth finish, allow the planchette to effortlessly float across the board with "ghost-like" fluidness.


Even the back side of the SPIRIT BOARD has been designed and finished as carefully as the front. Note again that the image on the back is NOT a decal but is printed directly on the board.


Achieving something of a landmark in traditional ouija board design, Vampirahna has added a unique twist by adding artwork specifically for the back of the SPIRIT BOARD rather than a "generic" block of unadorned instructional text as was common to the designs of Fuld and his contemporaries.




"The power of three shall set you free"

This item is no longer available.


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